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Summer break for Irish dancers: Fun ways to incorporate practicing Irish dance into Summer activities! 

Happy Summer, Irish Dancers! I hope you all had a successful year of dance and are ready for a fun summer! That being said, don’t forget that practicing throughout your summer break is just as important as practicing throughout the dance year. Don’t worry! This isn’t about setting your alarm at 5am every morning and drilling your steps for 6 hours. You can make practicing FUN! Check out this list of 20 fun ideas to incorporate practicing Irish dance into your summer activities:

  1. Practice moves such as flutters, jumps, and rocks in the pool– the water makes it easier to practice these moves as water slows down the time you take to complete a movement. It is also great to train muscles in water because it offers resistance without impact!
  1. Irish dance jumps off diving board– Have your friends/family take pictures of you trying dance jumps off the diving board. Take a look at the pictures and try until you get the best shot!
  1. Tippy toes around pool- Water too cold? Try to tip toe around the pool as you are adjusting to the water!
  1. Irish dance jumps over the sprinkler– No pool? No problem! Try some dance moves while jumping over a sprinkler!
  1. Trampoline– Use the extra bounce of the trampoline to perfect moves such as flutters and whips!
  1. Sand Training- On the beach? Instead of walking the shoreline, try taking a jog/run. Running on flat wet sand will not only help increase your stamina, but will help build muscles and burn calories. Check out this article for more incredible benefits of beach running! Click here 🙂
  1. Arch and ankle sun bathing- Just laying out in the sun? Try some point and flex exercises to help work on a better arch. Add in some ankle circles to strengthen important muscles which will help prevent injury!
  1. Rainy day Activity #1: Pretend Feis- Don’t let a rainy day get you down! Invite some of your dance friends over and set up a pretend feis!
  1. Traveling Pictures- Taking a family vacation? Try taking epic jumping pictures in front of beautiful backdrops or famous landmarks! Share them on social media and let your friends/family see how talented you are!
  1. Jump over waves in ocean– Try to hit bum while jumping to work on sharpness!
  1. Theme Park/Water Park Waiting Lines- Long line to get on your favorite ride? If available, use a ledge to practice flutters!
  1. Irish dance bubble blowing- Blow bubbles and try to click or kick the high ones to pop them!
  1. Tiny tots who play dress up– Dress up as princesses and princes and walk about house practicing good posture and don’t let your “crown” fall off your head!
  1. Tiny tots who play with dolls and barbies– teach the doll your steps and move their legs to practice! This helps with memorization!
  1. Tiny tots who struggle with timing/music-Listen to Irish dance music and clap along. Make up fun ways to listen to down beats such as the hand jive (goes perfectly with the light jig).
  1. Rainy day activity #2: Vision Board: Create a vision board for your Irish dance goals! Cut out pictures from magazines, add inspirational words and quotes, use fun decorating tools like glitter and puff paint and then find a place to hang it so you can see it every day and be reminded of your goals!
  1. Rainy day activity #3: Summer rain fun- Go outside and practice your jump 2 3’s over puddles!
  1. Go LIVE- Try practicing ‘live’ on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and let your family and friends see your moves! Chances are they will LOVE it and leave positive comments of admiration. This will encourage you to want to keep working hard!
  1. Get creative- Turn on Irish dance music and make up your own steps! This is a fun way to practice yet not be stressed. You can add fun Lord of the Dance hand movements or new moves you’ve been practicing! Show your teacher, family, and friends your new work of art!
  1. Dance for your community- What better way to practice your dance than in front of an audience who greatly appreciates good entertainment! Contact local nursing homes/ hospitals/ senior centers/etc… they’re always looking for entertainment and you will not only make their day, but get in your practice time as well!


Colleen Nicosia, T.C.R.G.

D’Arcy School of Irish Dance